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True Freedom

Todays post comes from a guest writer; my mother. Hopefully we will be seeing more from her as she is an actual writer unlike myself!

“Our liberty can never be safe but in the hands of the people themselves.”

Thomas Jefferson

This morning as I contemplate the fate of the Canadian truckers and those who supported their efforts to end the tyranny under which Canadians had lived for two full years, I’m mindful of the People’s Convoy which began a few days ago here at home. Canadians were met with more tyranny for drawing attention to the tyranny under which they had lived for so long. Their bank accounts were seized and frozen; their motives maligned, and their livelihoods, in many cases, destroyed. In PM Trudeau’s eyes, those who cried out for freedom were “domestic terrorists,” a danger to be crushed. It’s unbelievable to contemplate that such a thing happened so close to home.
American truckers (and other concerned citizens), inspired by their Canadian brothers and sisters are now enroute to Washington DC. Their concerns cover a broader range than our Canadian friends. Yes, they are standing against the forced vax and mask mandates which have caused so much harm, for our kids who are still masked up, and for all those who lost their livelihoods simply because they wanted to make their own medical choices. But it’s more than that; it’s also for the cultural decline being forced upon us, for our first amendment rights that are quickly deteriorating, for a border that’s wide open while drugs and illegal aliens flood our nation, for crippling our energy industry, and…. the list goes on.
As it turns out, the timing of their arrival in DC isn’t exactly ideal since war has broken out in Ukraine and all eyes are focused there. But that doesn’t matter. There is never a “bad” time to stand for what you believe in. The question many are asking is, “Will our truckers meet with the same fate as our Canadian brothers and sisters?” Will they also be labeled as “domestic terrorists?” Will their civil liberties be suspended? Can this happen in America? The answer is simple; yes, it can happen here (though we shall see if it does). How do we know that it can happen here? Well, look around; it’s happening everywhere in ways big and small in our nation at this very moment.
I applaud the People’s Convoy. This is America! We can do that here! It’s inspiring to see so many saying, “Enough is enough!” You see, there comes a time when the desire for freedom can so overwhelm us that it can’t be contained anymore. Freedom needs an outlet. The mantra, “I would be free” is ringing out everywhere. Freedom to follow our God-given conscience is the sleeping giant that is awakening not only here in America, but throughout the world.
So, yes, I’m encouraged, but I’m also reminded that freedom isn’t a right granted to us by our government. When I hear an elected official say it’s time to give us back our freedom, because we’ve “earned it,” it’s a reminder of how distorted our thinking has become. Our freedom comes from God, not any man, but there is a catch. We have to accept it ourselves. Freedom is an inside job.
Recently I saw a post that caught my attention. Spelled out against a sky blue backdrop were the words in fluffy white; ”Unmask our children.” I understood the sentiment, but my immediate reaction was…unmask your own children! You see, we’ve always had the power to be free. Freedom is a choice. God gave us that gift and no government can take it away, unless we willingly hand it over to them.
Author Jack Canfield said this about freedom: “True freedom is an inward state of being. Once it is attained, no situation in the world can bind one or limit one’s freedom.”

True freedom can’t be contained; it spills out into every facet of our lives. Jefferson was right when he reminded us that liberty can never be safe except in the hands of the people. It begins inside of us and spreads out into the world as a shining light. America will only remain a free nation if you and I become so free within our own souls that no government, no matter how tyrannical it becomes, can shake our sense of peace and make us violate our conscience. The choice is always ours. I’d say that the truckers (and other citizens) who are now speeding their way towards DC are experiencing just what Canfield was talking about. “I would be free.”

“Freedom is not a gift bestowed upon us by other men, but a right that belongs to us

by the laws of God and nature.”

Benjamin Franklin

-Peggy Boyd

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